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Pre-Close Planning & Integration Preparation

Pre-Close Planning & Integration Preparation

Prior to Close, we work with key stakeholders to understand enough about the M&A transaction and companies to be able to provide a thoughtful proposal. Once approved, we start post-merger integration planning and getting ready for Day 1.

Setting Objectives and Deliverables

Our approach begins with a thorough understanding of client needs and expectations. Clients typically share due-diligence including the deal thesis, expected outcomes and target synergies. This enables us to develop a full proposal including deliverables, approach, costs, team and timing. 

While each integration is unique, we typically cover ~10 workstreams, each comprising a wide range of deliverables and potentially thousands of activities.  

Sales & Distribution
Marketing/Customer Support
Human Resources
Supply Chain Management
IT/Systems Integration

5-Step Post-Merger Integration Process 

Preparation for Kick Off (Day 1)

It is crucial to engage in discussions with private equity and C-level executives before a deal closes. This helps define integration strategy, understand how each company operates, determine Integration Team members and stakeholders, and address challenges or issues that may arise.

By the time Day 1 arrives, we aim to have a high-level acquisition integration roadmap and action plan, initial internal and external communications plan including frequently asked questions (FAQs), and ready-to-go formal public announcement.

It is ideal to conduct a Town Hall meeting, facilitated by the CEO of the merged entities, on the same day as the public announcement or as soon as feasible.   

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