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Integration Kick Off (Day 1)

The Integration Kick Off Meeting serves as the first formal gathering of senior leadership and integration teams from both companies to discuss Post-Merger Integration. This is also the start of important communications activities to engage and inform employees, customers, partners and the media about the merits of the merger.

Day 1 Integration Kick Off

5-Step Post-Merger Integration Process 

Goals of the Kick Off Meeting

Reduce Anxiety

Foster an approachable environment that values employees and demonstrates sensitivity towards cultural and people considerations.

Provide Visibility

Motivate integration team members by conveying clear integration objectives, outlining the workstreams, and explaining the full merger integration process.

Clarify Expectations

Ensure integration team members have a comprehensive understanding of the support they can expect during the acquisition integration process and what is expected of them.

Build Relationships

It is critical to begin facilitating “info sharing” as early as possible across the merged entities as this helps establish and foster relationships and effective collaboration.

Communicate in ways that inspire and reinforce the merits of the acquisition starting Day 1

Establish Trust

Deploy communications plans that actively engage employees, creating an environment where their voices are heard, and they feel valued and motivated to contribute to the success of the merger.

Effective 2-way Communications

Execute comprehensive communications plans within the first 3-6 months that addresses both internal and external stakeholders and their potential issues and concerns.

All-Company Event

Conduct a Town Hall that conveys the merits of merger, reinforces the vison and benefits of combined entity, and fosters an environment of open dialogue, unity, and shared purpose with employees.

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