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Why Select Us?

We are dedicated to serving Private Equity-backed acquirers and going above and beyond to ensure your success. What truly distinguishes us from other firms is our exclusive focus on post-merger integration and operating mindset. Our team of acquisition integration specialists comprises experienced senior-level operating executives from top companies, who have firsthand expertise in facilitating M&A integrations. We bring to the table a proven 5-step process called Unify™ that streamlines bringing companies together. Our unique approach enables us to be fast, cost-effective, and guarantee the realization of synergies.

Why Select Us?
Integration Specialists

Our focus is Post-Merger Integration, unlike global management consulting and M&A advisory firms that often offer it as part of a broader portfolio of costly and overengineered add-ons.  And our attention is centered on execution and implementation – not publishing or running seminars.

Operator Mentality

We have been in your shoes and know how to execute. Our merger integration consultants are former senior-level executives with F500  and PE-backed operating roles and proven experience facilitating complex M&A Integrations on the corporate and consulting side.

Proven Approach

Our 5-step post-merger integration process helps simplify unifying companies. We utilize post-merger integration checklists, playbooks, and easy-to-use project management software to enhance visibility, collaboration and accountability.


Our strong bench of Integration Specialists empowers us to assemble the ideal team of generalists and SME based on your industry, business, and situation. This enables us to adjust staff as the integration moves through stages.


As every company and acquisition is unique, we do not apply a one-size-fits-all approach.  We tailor our integration process to the unique operational, technical and cultural issues of the merging entities.


We configure our post-merger integration teams based on the size, scope, complexity and stage of each integration. Projects are staffed with specialists as needed without adding extraneous overhead. This enables us to manage resources and fees fairly. 

Synergy Guarantee

We work to achieve our client's planned revenue and cost synergies. In many cases, we are comfortable linking our compensation to the actual realization of synergies.

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