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Develop and Execute Post-Merger Integration Plans 

Develop and Execute Post-Merger Integration Plans 


We begin with consultative discovery upfront to gain insight into the current state of the business, how functions within the workstreams are structured and operated, and surface any potential issues or risks.

Objectives and Action Plans

Working with the Integration Teams, we establish high-level objectives, deliverables, and 100 Day action plans. This step is crucial in highlighting priorities, addressing potential issues, and identifying interdependencies that may impact the timeline.

Ownership and Accountability

We move from general thinking towards finalizing agreement on what workstream leaders will own, deliver and when, and the managers supporting each workstream. 

Generating Momentum

We emphasize the importance of delivering early Quick Wins to generate momentum and showcase successful outcomes, before addressing the more complex challenges.

Steering Committee Approval

Once key workstream leaders have operationalized the merger integration plans, we seek buy-in from the CEO and PE lead, and incorporate their feedback into the planning process. 

Implement Plans

Once approved, the integration team executes the plans and makes on-going adjustments as necessary based on progress and new learning.

We collaborate with Workstream leaders to operationalize Integration Strategies and Plans, and secure feedback and approval from key stakeholders including the Steering Committee.

5-Step Post-Merger Integration Process 

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