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Deploy Governance, Operating Cadence, Reporting and Tools

Progress Reviews

Progress Reviews are conducted weekly with workstream integration teams to assess progress, surface issues, and provide feedback to ensure outputs are meeting expectations. 

Steering Committee Reviews

Steering Committee Reviews are conducted bi-weekly to update the CEO (and PE lead) on the state of integration and efforts being made to optimize outcomes.   

Easy to Use Tools

Our tools help simplify workload and include cloud-based software to build-out and collaboratively manage workstreams, as well as checklists, playbooks and templates.


RAID Logs are utilized to illuminate key risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies. 

Real-time Reporting and Dashboards

Real-time Reporting, Scorecards and Dashboards help keep track of progress and are easily generated from cloud-based project management tools. 

Lessons Learned

At the end of the Integration, Lessons Learned are shared with key Stakeholders to support continuous improvement.

Our operational framework, real-time reporting, and easy-to-use tools help simplify workload and ensure maximum visibility, accountability and mitigation of risks.  

Deploy Governance, Operating Cadence, Reporting and Tools

5-Step Post-Merger Integration Process 

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