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Capture Revenue and Cost Synergies

Once integration is underway and bottom-up planning begins, we work to reconfirm the “Planned” synergies to pursue and ensure that the synergies remain actionable and achievable.

While Cost Synergies are relatively straightforward, Revenue Synergies are often harder to quantify and realize.  In some cases, synergies may not be realized for 18 months or longer. 

Any "unplanned" Synergies or one-time cost surprises that may surface during the integration will be reported as learned.

We mobilize to capture all possible Revenue and Cost Synergies.

Capture Revenue and Cost Synergies

5-Step Post-Merger Integration Process 

Cost Synergies

Eliminate redundancy and lower labor costs

Cost-savings from reductions in professional services and fees

Closure or consolidation of redundant offices and facilities

Cost saving from vendor consolidation and negotiating better terms

Operating efficiencies from streamlined processes and sharing resources

Revenue Synergies

Increased market share, brand awareness and recognition

Cross-selling, upselling and bundling opportunities

Geographic expansion and new or improved distribution channels

Access to new end-markets and customers

Pricing optimization (power)

Examples of Potential Synergies to Be Pursued

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