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In-house M&A Integration expertise is limited, and there is a knowledge gap in how to integrate and operationalize acquisitions.


Management Teams are often too busy working to achieve their existing sales and profit commitments or mission-critical operations with limited extra time available.


Functional leaders accustomed to existing operations often do not possess the change management mentality necessary to move complex integration projects ahead on a timely basis.


Politics have the potential to turn any deal toxic. Using a 3rd party integration expert helps ensure that decisions are unbiased and in the best interests of the unified company.


Integration experts have “been there and done it” many times and can leverage proven post-merger integration playbooks and tools that can help save a lot of time and headaches.


Why Hire a Post-Merger Integration Consultant?

There are 5 key reasons to consider hiring a post-merger integration consultant.

Why Hire a Post-Merger Integration Consultant?
Return on Investment is typically very high relative to purchase price and synergies realized.

Combine companies quickly, cost-effectively and achieve desired outcomes.

The partner of choice when Private Equity outsources post-merger integration.

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